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Winter Care

A few suggestions for winter care of your Z.

  1. Indoor is better than outdoor
  2. Critters love winters, watch out for our furry friends.
  3. Elevate car to relieve pressure on tyres, or place styrofoam under each wheel to prevent flat spotting.
  4. Fill petrol tank with to reduce air getting in.
  5. Check coolant and oil levels pre/post winter, or replace in spring
  6. Check garage floor for slow leaks
  7. Periodically operate passenger door button, as its the least used, it can stick
  8. Check transverse exhaust, rust spots, peeling layers etc
  9. Check CAT for signs of failure.
  10. Reproof your roof if you pan to drive throughout.
  11. keep roof up and stretched
  12. Polish car prior to storage
  13. Keep doors closed and car covered
  14. Disconnect battery, attach trickle charger or fit cut-out switch
  15. Be careful putting roof down in extreme cold conditions, rear plastic screen may be brittle
  16. Avoid blaring stereo, speakers suffer from extreme weather
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