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The original sleek 7 spoke alloys are unique to the Z1 and only ever fitted to this model, they came with a plastic centre cap and removal tool located in your tool compartment. The stud pattern and offset are identical to the E30 and as such alternative wheel designs can be fitted to suit.

  • Size - 7.5 x 16
  • Tyres - 225 45 16
  • design - 7 Spoke
  • Centre Bore - 57.1
  • Offset - ET25
  • Bolt - 12 x 150
  • Stud - 4 x 100

The original Tyres are Pirelli P7000 and despite being discontinued for many years, they can still be found on some cars 20 years on. 16inch wheels are rarely made these days and as such 16inch Tyres are becoming scarce, major manufacturers such as Pirelli, Michelin ceasing production of 225 45 16 Tyres.

Originality reigns supreme in the UK, but there are a number of choices still available in 4 stud if you search hard enough, such as Hartge, Alpina, OZ, BBS.

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