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The roof is your typical mohair material, however due to cost many owners opt for the standard roof material. If maintained correctly, there is little difference to justify the additional expenditure.


See Roof

Water Leaks

If you find water leaking above the steering wheel under the roof seal, check the drainage channel is not blocked. This can be found under the 2 metal plates held down by 2 screws on the corners of the roll bar.

Unblock by using some bendable wire, then test by slowly pouring water down the channels, it should reappear by your feet under the car.

Water gets between the roof and the header rail, needs to be able to drain through the windscreen pillar, otherwise air pressure will drive it past the rubber seal into the car. Too much sealant when replacing the windscreen can block the channels.


The area around the V shape of the frame, above the door button is a weak point and tends to weaken over time from constant flexing, this will shred opening a hole, leading to leaks, leaving you option but to repair or replace the hood.

Rear Screen

Use the BMW toothpaste cleaner to improve appearance and remove scratches. If replacing, reinforce the inside of that area.

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