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Audio System


The early Z1s were delivered with a rebadged Sony XR7502 as 'Z1 Audio System', a 4 Channel Sony Radio Cassette and Optional 6xDisc CD Changer fitted in the boot via 5pin din plug and Amplifier behind dash.

These units were inevitably replaced in favour of more modern devices, leading to their rarity and increase in price. For more detailed information see Audio System


Lift out retaining clamp.

Unscrew side trim panel.

Lift retainer with a screwdriver.

Pull out radio.

Unscrew screws. Pull connection housing forward and disconnect all plugs.


Remove center console - Unscrew screw and loosen clamp. Pull out amplifier from the side.

Pull off plugs.

Unscrew screws on both sides and take off holder.


The surround is secured in 9 places with a torq headed screw, obscured by the head unit, remove that, heater controls and gently prise forward.


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